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King of Dramas - it can be smart and well-written, but I just can’t connect with the characters. Anthony would be adorable if I had another characters I could symphathize. but the actor is even further from that. and a schreenwriter is just your average goody. I mean I LOVED the first episode, but it’s a joke that works once for me.

Cheongdamdong Alice - well, dunno. I mean the main character is a middle-class girl, where is the tragedy? we all live like that and just can’t afford luxury goods. I’m ok if she wants a rich husband, no need to go so far in justifying that.

I miss you - way too dark. just go have therapy, you, guys. but I really love the leads, so I guess I will have to endure at least couple of eps more. still that didn’t help with Nice Guy.

Full House 2 - just wasn’t able to bear those perms and dropped it -(( 

Osozakai no Himawari - funny, cute and touching. simple, but beaningful. I’m not a hige fan of the cast, but somehow the story works for me. and also landscapes are terrific.

Koukou Nyushi - I’m interested up to now, but not sure they will be able to deal properly with the situation they’ve built. some people could think it’s boring, but to me it’s just a low-key occupation drama, I don’t want more suspence in it.

surprisingly, J-dramas work better for me this season.

Answer me 1997, 16

well, it’s over. I’m a little bit sad, but I guess it was a nice ending. I’m just guessing because I was wathching it raw. but that moment with a photo was absolutely univsersal and just perfect!

still not sure if I’m happy about the extension. both eps 15 and 16 seem to be a little less packed then the previous ones. we’ve got more cutie-cute moments and kisses though.

and the Doc is obviously a miscast to me -((( she’s not convincing at all. but well, we still have a happy ending for Tae Woong.

peacefully waiting for the subs now ^.^

Rich man poor woman

truethfully, this show lost my some episodes ago, when they’d made up this sudden betrayal plot (well, it’s ok, it was just too sudden, without building proper tension and motivations),  but I’m dedicated to finish it.

I still care about Hyuga’s trust issues and Asahina’s #2 thing. but I won’t be convinced if they will reunite, sorry, Show. that was too much, honestly.

I don’t care that much about thr romantic stuff and that’s a pity. it’s just all about trus, not romance -(

well, let’s start ep 10!

Answer me 1997, 11-12

this show really gets me. it’s cute, it’s touching and it does well creating a tension out of this simple and small things. the story actually is quite simple - two brothers like one girl, but the wrighters decorate is with so many meaningful details and set the scene the way that makes you really sympathize to each character. 

but are we really going to skip to 2006 now? maybe I will be a little bit disappointed if they just tell us that the characters haven’t met all these years. hopefully, it’s just another editing trick.

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Rich man, poor woman

it had a great start, but recently I feel that it lost its logic and pace. well, I’ll give it a chance, anyway.


cute, tender, watercolor school romance. as someone said, it is so nostalgic that it feels like watching a long flashback. very simple, but nice.


I was never planning to start it - I don’t really like action and fantasy, but everyone was so excited that I gave it a try. well, I think I will continue. I’m not convinced yet, but it’s at the very least funny. also - Lee Min Ho! he is just perfect for action roles.

Answer me 1997

another school romance, playing on nostalgia field, but what a difference! it’s lively, funny, loud, but perfectly adorable! of course, I can’t really connect with the setting as I grew up in a completely different culture after all, but those guys are almost my age and well, you know, those teenage problems are quite universal. though I was more of a bookworm, never a fangirl.

Haeundae Lovers

it’s a pity, but I hate the main character so I dropped it after the first episode. I can’t connect with a guy who is like that to his fiancee. otherwise, it seems to be quite funny.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

well. I really loved this drama. from the beginning. ok, maybe it wasn’t as good as it felt. I understand its flaws, but I just love it. I love the characters, the actors and stuff (and I really felt in luve with Jung Dong Gun)…

but I guess the real reason of my love is the general idea: you know, here the Prince fights not against the Dragon, but against the Princess’s Insecurity. that’s the Modern Fairy Tale. maybe not inevitably sexy, but so true… though I didn’t get what she could give him for this feeling of security. but well, that’s what you call Fairy Tale: people get what they “deserve”, not what they can get in reality…

but in this case the whole Colin plotline was just a tearjerker. meh…

and Jung Rok / Min Sook couple was the second best for me, I guess because they dealt exactly with the same issue.

a bit of spoiler inside, probably?

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AGD 20

kya!!! “Gangnam style” is playing in the nightclub -)))

so funny!

rich man, poor woman 05

I feel strange: what’s with the last 10 minutes of this episode? the plot started to move too fast, so there is no time to build the necessary dramatic tension and justify motivations. it just feels like a preview montage. well, usually we complain about just the opposite… so, we’ll see.

spoiler alert

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rich man, poor woman

similarly to almost any blogger, who mentioned this drama, this is the first Japanese series in several years that really got me.

I was really into j-dramas several years ago, but now I’m watching almost only Korean dramas (I guess “Buzzer Beat” and “Real Clothes” were the last j-dramas I really liked). why? what happened? is it because there are no romantic / slice of life dramas anymore, only different kinds of devective stories? or because k-drama plots and triggers are more universal / simple? maybe because actors in k-dramas are prettier, budgets are higher, filming is way better, colors are brighter? dunno, maybe all of these.

but RMPW somehow works for me. even though the main character is so annoyingly naive and hardworking, I can connect with her. no mention Hyuga - who doesn’t like genius with dark charisma? filming is I guess quite typical for j-dramas - no typical Korean camera flights, bokeh and other tricks. so actors? script? well, we’ll see if they will be able to manage this. it’s still less then halfway through.

me too, flower

usually I’m a very easy to manage viewer - I root for the main couple no matter what, even if the second lead represents pure awesomeness.

but in this case I’m not even sure I want them to be together. both of them have too many problems and obviously their union is a very disabled one. what I want for them is therapy (and a real one, not this crappy cousin doctor), not relationship at all.

беспросветно яркий случай “всех в приютик”.